Sweet PotatOH My Word That’s Fantastic

Hello dear reader. If you are looking for a food blog written by a housewife about the every day foibles and triumphs of domesticity then I have to apologize because you have stumbled upon the blog of a slightly dysfunctional, deeply unorganized, chronically single weekend lush with a penchant for cooking and an occasional desire to clean something. But be honest, that second thing sounds like a lot more fun right? 

If you’re still with me then lets get to it! I have recently discovered the majesty of the sweet potato whilst simultaneously deciding that eggs are far too often relegated to the breakfast table (presuming you have a separate table upon which to relegate breakfast foods…I do not, my house could fit in a pita pocket). 

The Culprit



Look at it there all sweet and unassuming

And the delicious recipe for my very own Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash with spinach and poached eggs. 


1 medium sweet potato

8 strips bacon

4 handfuls baby spinach

4 eggs

Instructions: Peel and shred, slice, dice or otherwise chop up your sweet potato and set aside. Cut bacon strips into quarters and fry in a large skillet. Add sweet potato to the skillet (with the bacon grease and all) and cook while stirring occasionally until tender and slightly crispy, around ten-fifteen minutes. Remove potato/bacon mixture from skillet and set aside. Add enough water to just coat the bottom of the skillet and add spinach, cook until just wilted (this only takes about 3 minutes). 

Bring a small pan of water to a low boil and poach the eggs until whites are set and yolk is still slightly runny (this is just my personal preference, please feel free to poach the crap out of your eggs if you so desire). A quick note on poaching eggs, you will have a better and more picture-esq end result if you crack each egg into a small, shallow bowl first and then slide into the boiling water (this keeps the whites from spreading too much). I like to poach one egg at a time because the thought of poaching four eggs in one pan is terrifying to me and I have really small pans BUT if you do have a wide pan or are a wizard I have heard a rumor that you can poach multiple eggs at once. Just make sure to give them enough room to breathe or stretch or something. 

Separate the potato/bacon mixture onto two plates and top each with a heap of spinach and two poached eggs. Salt and pepper to taste. 

The end result


(as previously stated I am single so I made one sad person serving and saved the rest of the hash for another day)

The utterly fantastic thing about this meal is that it is good for breakfast, dinner, lunch, brunch, linner, or any other combo meal you want to imagine. It is also highly customize-able, you could change up the meat you use or add peppers, onions, top it with kale. Hell it’s got sweet potato in it drizzle it with maple syrup and throw some cinnamon in there if you want to get really crazy. It’s also fairly cheap, low on the cals (except for the bacon) and pretty simple to make. 

Until next time readers, 

have a cocktail for me! 



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