When You Care Enough to Send Miscellaneous Items: The Art Of The Care Package

Darling Readers, I miss college. Remember when we were young and everything was easy? Before bills, and jobs, and crow’s feet? Those were the good old days!

If you are like me and occasionally suffer from glory days nostalgia the best way to combat it is to pass on your aged wisdom and relative wealth and comforts to the next generation in the form of care packages. In addition to being an exciting day for your young loved one in college, a care package says “hey, I care about you and I also have a lot of junk around my house that I need to get rid of but feel guilty just throwing away.” As an added double bonus it provides a level of prestige among the college student’s peers that is usually reserved only for those able to shotgun a beer without spraying half of it all over someone’s kitchen.

I recently sent this care package to my cousin


you know you’d be hella stoked to get this package (the kids are still saying “hella” right? That’s still a thing?)

I have a friend who does a lot of extreme couponing and as a result she tends to unload a lot of random bath and beauty products, that she bought in bulk for a nickel, on me. Turns out they are very handy when it comes to filling a box so things don’t shift too much during shipping. Below is a list of the items in this glorious care package.

-three dozen chocolate chip cookies (I just used the standard Tollhouse recipe)

-three “lets be epic” coozies

-a few bags of popcorn

-two travel sized bottles of mousse

-disposable razors

-a bath pouf (loofah, idk what you call those crazy things)

-two travel sized deodorants

-body wash & exfoliant

-a bag clip shaped like sunglasses

-Uno (yeah the card game)

This care package was very well received, my cousin ate a lot of cookies and then spent a Tuesday evening with friends turning Uno into a drinking game, to which I gave the helpful tip that a draw four card = drink four. SO go show the undergrads in your life some love, finals are coming up and if you do a good job they will post a photo of it for you on some social media platform…with hashtags and everything.

Until next time, have a cocktail for me,



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