Turn Your Family Holiday Into An Actual Vacation

Happy Holidays Readers!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and got to spend time with family and loved ones. I have one of those rare families in which we actually enjoy hanging out together and have a blast whenever we do. But my family lives far away and so I find that I have to use my precious vacation time visiting them, which is great but it does result in my not getting an actual vacation.

SO if you suffer from the same predicament OR if you have an insufferable family like in some kind of hilarious holiday sit-com style movie (except it’s not hilarious because it is real life) please follow this simple tutorial on turning your family holiday into an actual vacation.

Step One – Arrive Early
Take a sick day, use a personal day, eat up one of those precious, precious vacation days, fake an act of heroism, create a diversion and just quietly slip out, whatever you do find a way to get out of your work place at least two days prior to whatever holiday you are traveling for. This ensures that you get to your family’s home with plenty of time before any other guests arrive and usually means that the rest of your family has to work at least one more day granting you a full eight hours of sweet, lazy freedom.

Step Two – Locate the Liquor Cabinet
photo 1
If you need further explanation on this step then this blog is probably not for you…my brand of humor is best served to those already slightly inebriated.

Step Three – Establish a Base Camp
Find a space in your family’s home to call your own, carve out a small corner in which to relax and enjoy the fruits of your liquor cabinet hunt. Just a place to refresh and reset and escape the tensions of your everyday life. Below is an example from my most recent Thanksgiving jaunt to my parent’s home
photo 2
(jealous yet??)

Step Four – Be Fearless
This is some real advice for a minute (though I do stick by that liquor cabinet step). Do not be afraid to take some alone time or simply tell your family that looking through great aunt Marjorie’s slides of her lifetime of owning schnauzers is not something you feel like doing. Technically this is your vacation and even though it is family-centric that does not mean that it isn’t also about you. DO your due diligence and put in the time hanging out with your grandparents and siblings and then take a day or evening to do something you want to do.  It’s your family, they’ll still love you….unless your family is made up of some real judgmental so-and-so’s in which case you have my sympathies.

Have a cocktail for me readers, it’s the holidays after all!


P.S. If any of my family is reading this that first paragraph is the god’s honest and I love our kick ass Thanksgiving traditions and miss you all already. Also sorry for raiding the liquor cabinet while you were all at work.


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