Helpful Tips

Hello Reader! This is the place where I will be compiling tips I have written about in my blog for when you are short on time. But you should read my blog…I’m pretty funny…. you’re definitely missing out… I mean these tips are excellent and useful but who just wants to read a list of helpful things….wouldn’t you rather hear about my misadventures? No? Oh.. ok… carry on then!

On Poaching Eggs: Cracking eggs into a bowl first rather than dropping them into boiling water will help the whites stay together and make a more perfect looking poached egg.

On Flour: If you are baking something that you need to be fluffy whisk that flour. Whisk it! Or if you’re real fancy put it through your sifter.

On Reading My Blog: Pay attention to the tags at the bottom of the page, some times I put hilarious stuff in there.

On Champagne: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right” – F. Scott Fitzgerald (the man knew his stuff)

On Christmas Shopping: Preparation is the key to success, do some research, make a list, consider investing in some cross trainers, maybe take a kick boxing class, I don’t know what your town is like.

On Surviving a Snowpocalypse: Don’t blow off storm prep, plug stuff in so everything is charged before the power outage and stock up on provisions, remember the real danger comes from running out of wine.


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