The Champagne Drinker Herself

Hello Readers! I’m Audrey. I’m your basic late twenties lady tackling this whole grown up thing armed only with a cocktail, a tiny kitchen and that sweet, sweet late twenties languor that makes you want to stay home and bake stuff even if you have only your ever expanding self to bake for. Clubs and fun are for the early twenties amiright?

Mostly I’m finding that my friends and peers are pairing off and having babies and I’m just happily ensconced in mid week bar tabs, thinly veiled contempt for any event that has the word “shower” in the title and still sleeping with my make up on. SO if you ever find your self at home of a Friday evening, lounging in a shimmer peplum top you plan on returning and extremely large sweatpants that you stole from a guy you knew in college as I so often do, I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy a delicious recipe, old timey cleaning tip, or general helpful suggestion of both the slightly domestic and festively tipsy variety.

If you have questions please feel free to comment on a post or shoot me an e-mail at I’ll try to respond in a timely manner but I do have a life so… no promises I guess? – Audrey


This is me enjoying a delicious margarita in a glass shaped like a cactus


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